Russell Winslow

Past President

A Southern California native, Russ Winslow has lived in San Diego for fifteen years and has been involved with ElderHelp for half of that time. He is passionate about supporting seniors and he credits his upbringing for this. Russ is grateful to have lived within an hour -of both sets of grandparents and recalls being able to visit them regularly.  He fondly recalls accompanying them on trips to the grocery store or appointments and simply providing companionship. He recognizes that not all seniors are fortunate enough to have family or loved ones nearby, and this makes ElderHelp’s mission even more meaningful to him.

A partner at a local law firm, Russ’ practice mostly focuses on business, real estate and trust disputes, but he also takes on cases of elder abuse in which he often observes a common element: isolation or loneliness. Recognizing that these risk factors apply to not only in instances of elder abuse but also overall mental health challenges, Russ proudly advocates ElderHelp’s programs and services that reduce those risks. 

Russ takes every opportunity he can to talk about ElderHelp. In a community that has many nonprofits doing great work, he believes it most effective to have a real conversation with people, not just send an email. “Engaging in active dialog, sharing stories of real people with real needs, and how ElderHelp improves their lives–that’s how I like to spread the word,” explains Russ. In his seven years with ElderHelp, Russ is proud of how the board has worked together to inspire passionate volunteers and advocates.  He also tips his hat to ElderHelp’s staff and volunteers, “They’re the real difference-makers.”

Upcoming Events

5:30 pm Volunteer Orientation
Volunteer Orientation
Dec 14 @ 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm
An RSVP is required to attend this online orientation. To register, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you!
11:00 am Long-Distance Caregiving
Long-Distance Caregiving
Jan 19 @ 11:00 am – 12:15 pm
Caring for someone living with dementia from afar presents its own unique challenges. Join us to hear from the experts at Alzheimer’s San Diego and learn ways to stay in touch, how to stay informed, and how to be a helpful support and partner, even at a distance. To register, click here


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