In June 1973, the SDSU School of Social Work conducted a study to identify challenges faced by seniors in San Diego’s downtown area. It was apparent that isolation was a critical barrier for many whose wish was simple–to live independently and with dignity in their own homes. A mission was born, and an agency formed to meet the needs of these aging adults. 50 years later, ElderHelp continues to meet those needs.

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50th Anniversary Distinguished Committee

“We’re so grateful for visionary leaders who have brought us to this point. Without Advisory Board members like Judy & Yale Combs, Cindi Hill, and the late Tex Cornwell, ElderHelp would not be where it is today. They believed our model, built on dedicated volunteers who value aging adults, would strengthen all of San Diego. They were right. As we launch the next half decade, they continue to guide us as advocates, volunteers, and philanthropists. We couldn’t be more grateful.” – Deb Martin, CEO and Executive Director of ElderHelp.

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