We’re here to help provide resources and guidance.

ElderHelp is just a piece of the puzzle to helping older adults remain independent as they continue to age in their homes. We work closely with other organizations in the community and refer clients to resources as needed.

ElderHelp’s Quick Reference Guide includes additional resources that might benefit you and your aging loved ones.

Affordable housing for seniors is a countywide challenge. ElderHelp’s HomeShare program provides solutions for those interested in shared housing. Additional resources are available through the San Diego Housing Commission Resource Guide.

Family Caregivers balancing work and raising children with caring for aging loved ones may benefit from Caregiver Support. For tips to communicate with your aging loved one, click here.

As a proud Live Well San Diego partner, ElderHelp connects seniors and their families with many supportive community resources including the following:

For more information please call 619-284-9281 or send an email

“My rent is going up, and I’m afraid to live in a high-rise. I don’t know where else to go,” shared Evelyn during a recent phone call. We listened and offered to send our 2-page listing of affordable housing options. As we exchanged more details and resources to meet her unique needs, she expressed her gratitude, “You have helped me more in 5 minutes than anyone has helped me in 2 ½ years.”


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