We provide individualized services, assistance, information and referrals to help seniors age with dignity in their homes.

Self Advocacy

ElderHelp’s programs are structured to help older adults maintain their independence. It is essential that you, as our member, are able to communicate directly with us, complete any assessments and interviews, and maintain a schedule. Currently, ElderHelp is unable to assist seniors with moderate to severe cognitive impairment. It is essential that the person needing help makes the initial call to begin services and is able to manage their own appointments and schedules. While it may seem easier to set up services for your loved one, the program will not be successful unless the individual who will be receiving services is interested, informed and engaged. ElderHelp does recognize the importance of a good support system and how valuable family is to the team.


ElderHelp does not charge fees for services. Instead, we offer opportunities for our clients to contribute what they can for the services they receive.

Service Area

ElderHelp serves various regions of San Diego County. To find out if you are located in our service area, click here!

“I’ve been thinking about our visit all morning. I’ve had a few years of rain only, and now I have a ray of sunshine. I feel like I have hope, and feel alive again. It’s so good to have something to look forward to.”


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