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Joining ElderHelp’s Legacy Partners affirms your dedication to improving the lives of San Diego seniors for years to come.


Legacy Partners Mimi & Mike Murray

Legacy Partners Mimi & Mike Murray: “We respect the process of aging.”

“ElderHelp honors the process of aging,” shares Mimi Murray. “It’s that value of honor and respect that resonates most with us. We’re all aging, and we all deserve respect.”

“Every one of the programs touches our hearts in some way,” Mike chimes in. Both Mike & Mimi delight in the catchy name of Seniors A Go Go and smile thinking about seniors safely riding with friendly volunteers. “We loved bringing my mom to live with us for the last several years of her life,” Mimi continues. “She was active until she passed away in our home just before her 94th birthday—going to exercise class and enjoying meals she’d expertly taught me to cook, but no longer cared to prepare alone. Not a day would go by, though, that I didn’t think, ‘what does someone do who doesn’t have family?’ Not a day would go by that I didn’t think of ElderHelp.”

Mike adds, “This is also why we choose to be Legacy Partners. To think that we can help now is one thing, but to know that we can help in the far future means so much more. We believe in ElderHelp, and we believe in seniors. ElderHelp is just the perfect match for us.”

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Sarah Benson

Director of Philanthropy


Designation in your Will or Trust

A way to acknowledge a special loved one or meaningful service, your gift will have impact for generations to come.

IRA Charitable Gift or Rollover

Designating ElderHelp for required minimum distributions impacts your charitable tax deduction and can bypass tax assessments for your heirs.

Charitable Real Estate Donations

Maximize your valuable real estate investments to support ElderHelp. You can now donate appreciated land or real estate, such as a home, vacation property, undeveloped land, farmland, ranch or commercial property, to a charity like ElderHelp or through a donor-advised fund. Contact us to learn how we partner with San Diego Foundation to accept real estate gifts.


Maximize your charitable deductions by designating capital gains or gifts of stock to support San Diego seniors.

To learn more about gift planning, talk with your financial or tax advisor
about strategies to maximize the impact of your gift.

Seniors have a special place in my heart. I am happy to give to ElderHelp who supports seniors to live independently and thrive in their own homes.”


ElderHelp Executive Director


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