“Unprecedented, challenging, unimaginable…” These are all words we’ve used over and over again these past 8 months. Because, let’s face it, none of us have experienced a pandemic or life changing event like the one we are living through right now. And there is still much we don’t know and can’t plan. But what we do know is this: There are over 460,000 seniors over the age of 65 in San Diego, and they remain the highest risk population affected by COVID-19. We do know that keeping seniors safe in their homes is best for them and best for our community.

With a 47-year track record, ElderHelp is leading the way in helping seniors not only survive, but thrive in their homes. Our efficient model engages and vets community volunteers who have provided 13,572 hours of vital services such as grocery shopping, essential rides, check-in calls, and doorstep deliveries of nutritious food and supplies in the past 8 months. Meanwhile our Housing Services Coordinators support those seeking rental relief through advocacy and guidance. Not only that, we’ve coordinated peer to peer outreach among seniors to build strength in solidarity with each other. The impact is real:

  • ElderHelp clients are 7 years older than the average senior entering long-term care. Imagine 7 more years of independent living in your own cherished home
  • 50% reduction in hospitalizations due to our intensive, holistic case management and advocacy
  • Fewer feelings of anxiety and depression due to reduced isolation and loneliness

To learn more about our services or how you can help, please contact us at info@elderhelpofsandiego.org