Nikki Ostrem

Board President

Partner, Feature Holdings LLC

Nikki Ostrem is a serial entrepreneur. The experience she has gained over the last 20 years in finance and leadership is a tremendous asset to ElderHelp of San Diego where she currently serves as President of the board. Nikki was introduced to ElderHelp by a friend after which she joined the Essence of Life Committee. She was “impressed with what ElderHelp could do with a slim budget” and committed to board service shortly thereafter.
Understanding that seniors have a wealth of experience to share with others, Nikki believes ElderHelp’s work to serve this population is critical. She notes,” it’s also clear that ElderHelp volunteers sincerely appreciate their clients and are guided by the mission to help them remain independent and live with dignity in their own home.”

Nikki  recognizes tremendous growth and improvements over the past several years in not only operational efficiency and funding, but also in success stories from seniors who share gratitude and appreciation for the difference ElderHelp makes in their lives.

Knowing that philanthropic donations are a critical component of ElderHelp’s operations, Nikki guides the board to focus on philanthropy.  “Enhancing the financial growth of the organization is key to helping more seniors live independently in their homes for as long as they wish,” shares Nikki.  “Our board is committed to making that happen.”

Nikki reflects, “As sad as it sounds, sometimes our success is when one of our clients is able to pass away in their home, because that’s exactly where they wanted to be, and we played a part in fulfilling their wish.”