Monica Mehren

Retired Physician / Geriatrician

When she’s not cultivating cherry tomatoes, Monica Mehren is growing awareness about the needs of older adults in our community. A licensed physician/geriatrician, Monica has viewed the process of aging from a medical perspective. “I have a good sense of what happens to people as they age,” Monica shares. “I’ve always been a ‘boots on the ground’ doctor and truly understand the struggle of seniors who face food insecurity, housing challenges, and access to safe transportation. I just love older adults. I value the journey they’ve made, the wisdom they share, and the stories they tell.”

Retiring from practice after 26 years, Monica discovered another passion—gardening. As a certified master gardener, she manages a local rose garden and shares her skills with developmentally disabled adults who have created a successful community garden at their home. Thanks to Monica’s dedication service, generations unite, and everyone benefits.