Julie Moore

A self-professed health and fitness enthusiast, Julie has long understood the importance of staying active and connected at every stage of life. She’ll be the first to point out that seniors contribute greatly to the vibrancy of our respective communities, yet are often overlooked by society. “Most of our volunteers are seniors!” she notes.

As the mother of two teens, Julie has the benefit of seeing human interaction through two very different lenses. In this all-too digital age, it’s easy to feel lonely, isolated, or disconnected — even in a crowd. She’s inspired by how seniors, with their years of wisdom, bring the importance of human-to-human connection to light. As a volunteer, and now board member, Julie has seen and experienced this on a firsthand basis. She emphasizes that the individual experiences of each senior, and their stories, can provide us with the hope we need to overcome our own difficulties.

Julie’s sales and marketing background, most notably with San Diego Zoo Global, as well as her experience within the senior health care industry, have shaped her goal as a board member: that of connecting for-profit entities with non-profit entities — to the mutual benefit of both.

“It takes a community to solve the complex issues surrounding senior health care. We’re all in this together.”