Joe Garbanzos

AARP California, State President 

One part senior advocate, one part policy wonk, one part business strategist, Joe wears many important hats on our board. Currently an instructor at Alliant University, he is keen on planning, managing activities, and producing results.

His tenure with the Executive Council Team of AARP-California and his former career in the pharmaceuticals industry allow Joe to recognize the commonalities in organizations that assist seniors. This helps ElderHelp to frame its work on both the macro and micro levels. He cites Peter Drucker in shaping his belief that “business exists not only to meet stakeholder’s expectations, but also to meet a social need.” The biggest social need for seniors is being an integral part of a livable community.

With a Filipino-American background, Joe is uniquely aware of the challenges facing minority populations as they age. He knows that San Diego — being culturally, linguistically, and socially diverse — must engage both businesses and community in order to meet, and exceed, the needs of our seniors.

“With limited resources, it’s a challenge to decide where to dedicate our efforts. I rely on quantitative and qualitative analysis to make those decisions. But at the end of the day, what we are doing needs to make a difference for vulnerable individuals and families.”