Andrea Hogan

Vice President

Senior Director/NA Marketing Lead

Qualcomm, Inc.

Andrea knows a thing or two about the importance of communication. The senior director of marketing for the Australian and North American divisions of Qualcomm, she’s singularly focused on how humans connect to each other, how they relate to what they hear, and how they share information that resonates deeply with them.

A board member with ElderHelp since 2019, Andrea’s goal is to bring ElderHelp’s mission to the forefront of her corporate connections in a way that is both easy to absorb, and easy to disseminate. Using Qualcomm as a starting point, she created a succinct case for support to help her, and other board members, effectively communicate the importance of ElderHelp’s mission and reach to potential corporate partners.

A native of Ireland, Andrea grew up immersed in a culture that reveres its seniors and works wholeheartedly to integrate them into the community. “When seniors have friends, a support group, and a reliable routine, it makes a huge difference in how they age.” We all crave communication and contact — it’s what makes us feel we are an important part of society. One-on-one interactions allow seniors to contribute, help them feel confident, and give them purpose.

As you can imagine, Andrea is also keen to connect ElderHelp with technology that is best suited to leveraging their strategy. With the advent of social distancing, outreach has dramatically changed, but our mission remains constant. We can’t imagine anyone more well-suited to helping our organization, and our board, navigate this shift in how we communicate with vulnerable seniors, and with each other.