HomeShare Seeker Packet 2017

HomeShare Provider Packet 2017

HomeShare Seeker Application 2017

HomeShare Provider Application 2017

HomeShare is a unique, affordable housing solution. HomeShare focuses on maximizing the use of existing housing stock by matching seniors who want to remain in their own homes with adults of all ages who are in need of housing. HomeShare is a simple solution that offers great benefit to seniors and those seeking affordable housing.

Benefits of HomeShare

HomeShare is more than a roommate matching service offering:

  • Independence – older adults can remain in their homes and in the communities they know and love
  • Economics – additional income for home providers, affordable rent for home seekers, and an alternative to long waiting lists for subsidized housing
  • Security – peace of mind for all involved, knowing there is more than one person in the home
  • Companionship – mutual support and the potential to build lasting friendships

In addition to making housing matches, HomeShare provides housing consultations and referrals to those in need of affordable housing.

HomeShare offers two separate options:

  1. Rental Exchange is an opportunity for home owners to supplement their incomes by renting out a spare bedroom.
  2. Service Exchange is an option for home owners to receive some assistance around the house in exchange for a room. Such help may include housekeeping, cooking, transportation, grocery shopping, errands, yard work or other assistance.

Are you interested in sharing your home? Click here to learn about becoming a home provider.

Are you interested in moving in with someone? Click here to learn about becoming a home seeker.

If you are interested in sharing your home, but you currently resides outside of our service area, click here to learn more about our housemate screening services.


For older adult home owners, ElderHelp offers:

  • A home assessment of your needs
  • Referrals for screened and qualified renters or housemates
  • Assistance in completion a housing agreement
  • Continued match support, as desired

Sample Listing
Meet A Member

Home Provider Eligibility:

  • You are interested in having a housemate and are agreeable to sharing common areas (kitchen, living room, etc.)
    • You are able to self-advocate (click here to learn more)
    • You must provide for your own personal care needs, or have other help in place to assist with these needs.
  • You do not need 24 hour care or assistance
    • Your home will be assessed to make sure it is a good fit for a housemate
    • You must have a private bedroom for you and your housemate

* Forms can be downloaded from the sidebar

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For Home Seekers, ElderHelp offers:

  • Help deciding if you are a good candidate for shared housing
  • Processing enrollment application, if appropriate for the program
  • Referrals for compatible home providers

Home Seeker Eligibility:

You are interested in sharing a home with another person
• You are able to meet your own medical needs and advocate for yourself (click here to learn more)
• You currently reside in the County of San Diego

  • You have a valid phone and address where you can be reached
    •You must have a source of income, show proof of income upon enrollment into the program, and demonstrate your ability to meet your own living expenses (food, transportation, etc.)
    • Submit to a criminal background check
  • Have valid photo ID and social security number

* Forms can be downloaded from the sidebar

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ElderHelp is pleased to offer a Housemate Screening Service to individuals outside our service area who would like a housemate and need help with the screening process. The Housemate Screening Service is a comprehensive screening of potential housemates for a fee.

Who is eligible for the service?

If you are not eligible for our HomeShare Program, but would still be interested in sharing your home with a housemate, ElderHelp can provide a screening. Other eligibility factors:

  • Home owners must reside in San Diego County

What is provided?

The screening process offered by ElderHelp includes the following:

  • A comprehensive personal interview and assessment
  • A criminal background check through the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
  • Proof of income
  • References checked including employer, landlord, and personal references known at least 5 years
  • A doctor’s report if determined necessary
  • A current driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles if determined necessary
  • Proof of automobile insurance if determined necessary

* If you are interested in this service, please contact HomeShare staff for more information.

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