Bill Eiffert

Board Treasurer

Bill Eiffert isn’t just here to sit on the board and look at the books. He cares about the work on the ground being done by ElderHelp staff and volunteers every day. As board treasurer for the past four years, Bill recognizes the tremendous need for ElderHelp’s work to help seniors who have accomplished a great deal in their lives and who now benefit considerably from just a little extra help to stay in their homes.

Six years ago, Bill pursued a certificate in nonprofit fundraising at UCSD. For his capstone, he worked with ElderHelp and from there went on to serve on committees and become a board member. With a background in corporate banking and as a small business owner, he thought the role of treasurer would be interesting. He also felt that he could provide a unique perspective to the organization as someone who did not have an elder services professional background.

Bill believes everyone on the board has seen firsthand the need for services like ElderHelp. For him, it was watching his mother age that allowed him to clearly see the need for and benefit of ElderHelp’s work. He particularly enjoys the annual Essence of Life event, which honors a special senior, recognizes dedicated volunteers and provides an opportunity for more people in the community to understand what ElderHelp does.

The ability to give back to the senior population is what Bill finds most meaningful about his board service. In addition to his work as treasurer, Bill also volunteers as a friendly visitor. “Being a part of ElderHelp’s direct impact connects me even further to our mission,” says Bill. “I see first hand how much our services make a difference.”