Title VI Complaint Process

Title VI Complaint Process
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Title VI
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs receiving federal financial assistance. Any person who believes she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice may file a complaint with the ElderHelp.
Complaint Procedures
Title VI Complaint forms and procedures may be requested by phone, in writing or via agency website.
In order for ElderHelp to properly investigate any allegation of discrimination the complaint must be filed in writing at the following address:
Anya Delacruz, Associate Executive Director
ElderHelp of San Diego
3860 Calle Fortunada #101
San Diego, CA 92123
Fax: 619-284-0214
In order for ElderHelp to properly investigate any allegation of discrimination the complaint must be filed in writing using the Title VI Complaint Form.

1. The complaint must meet the following requirements:
a. Federal and state law requires complaints be filed within 180 calendar days of the alleged incident.
b. Complaint shall be in writing and signed by the complainant(s). In cases where Complainant is unable or incapable of providing a written statement, a verbal complaint may be made.
c. Include the date/s of the alleged act/s of discrimination.
d. Present a detailed description of the issues, including names and job titles of those individuals perceived as parties in the complaint.

2. Upon receipt of the complaint, ElderHelp’s Associate Executive Director will determine the merit of the complaint, jurisdiction, accountability, and need for additional information. If resolution is not obtained through the Associate Executive Director, the complaint will be elevated to ElderHelp’s Executive Director.

3. The Complainant will be provided with a written acknowledgement within thirty (30) days, that ElderHelp has either accepted or rejected the complaint.

4. A complaint must meet the following criteria for acceptance:
a. The Complaint must be filed within 180 calendar days of the alleged occurrence.
b. The allegation must involve a covered basis such as race, color, or national origin.
The allegation must involve an ElderHelp service receiving Federal-aid and provided by ElderHelp or contractor.

5. A complaint may be dismissed/closed for the following reasons:
a. The Complainant requests a withdrawal of the complaint.
b. The Complainant does not respond to any request(s) for additional information from ElderHelp within ten (10) days.

6. ElderHelp’s Associate Executive Director will make a determination on the disposition of the complaint. ElderHelp may consult with its Board of Directors and/or legal counsel. In the event ElderHelp is in noncompliance with Title VI regulations, remedial actions will be listed. A copy of the complaint, ElderHelp’s findings, and remedial actions (if appropriate) will be issued to FTA within 120 days of the receipt of the complaint.

7. A summary of the complaint and its resolution will be included as part of the Title VI updates to the FTA.

8. The Executive Director will ensure that all records related to ElderHelp’s Title VI Complaint Process are maintained with agency records. Records will be available for compliance review audits.

A person may also file a Title VI complaint directly with the Federal Transit Administration, Office of Civil Rights, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Washington, D.C. 20590.