Preferred Provider Network

ElderHelp’s Preferred Provider Network is comprised of trusted providers who deliver high quality service and personalized care to ElderHelp’s members. This helps our members to have peace of mind when they need to seek services outside of ElderHelp and provides access to more comprehensive services allowing them to continue living in their homes safely.

Benefits of Preferred Provider

Preferred Providers are guaranteed to be referred to ElderHelp members and community members first. This exclusivity will help Preferred Providers stand out from the myriad of similar services in the community.

Expectations of Preferred Providers

ElderHelp adheres to a core set of values to guide us in fulfilling our mission. Preferred Providers affiliated with ElderHelp are expected to demonstrate these values in their work with our members. Please see our Mission and Values page for a description.


Please note: ElderHelp’s Preferred Provider Network is designed to eliminate the runaround and provide options, however we do limit the number of providers in each category in order to help our members from becoming too overwhelmed which could prevent them from seeking the help that they need. Furthermore, we are not accepting any new requests from organizations to be included in our network at this time.

ElderHelp’s Current Preferred Providers:

Caregiving Agencies:

DME/Home Modifications:

Mobile Physicians:

Medical Alert Products:

Please note: Although we have a good relationship with these providers, it is important that you feel comfortable with who you are hiring. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with multiple options.