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Sign Up at SDG&E for My Account and Save Money

It takes five easy steps:

  1. Sign in to My Account at (No on My Account? Enroll here)
  2. Click on the “My Energy” tab
  3. Enroll in an “Alert” to receive useful information about your energy use
  4. Email SDG&E at:
  5. Tell SDG&E: 1) which email address you enrolled and; 2) which alert(s) you signed up for

ElderHelp partners with SDGE: Cool Zone

Saving money on your energy bill is just a few clicks away!
Now that you have a smart meter, one way to begin saving is to enroll in SDG&E’s My Account, a one stop shop for all your personal energy information.  My Account is home to a new energy management tool where you can go to:

  • See an overview of your energy use
  • Get current bill and a forecasted bill for the month
  • Review your hourly, weekly or monthly energy use
  • Analyze your bill to see why it changes
  • Learn about energy-saving actions specific to your home

Easy energy management to help you save

My Account is free service for all SDG&E customers.  Simply have your account number handy and visit  to enroll and start saving today.  For additional tips on how to start saving right now, visit

Just one more way SDG&E is connecting its customers to smart energy solutions.