San Diego Cool Zones

San Diego Cool Zones

San Diego County’s Aging & Independence Services is coordinating a special effort to provide relief for older adults during the hot summer months coming up. These Cool Zones in San Diego are air conditioned places where seniors can gather to keep cool. These sites encourage people to share air conditioning and will be primarily found in the hottest areas of the county and will help older adults stay cool and lower energy costs.

To find a Cool Zone near you, click here for an interactive map of San Diego County.

Here Are Some Ways for You to Beat the Heat:

San Diego County’s Aging and Independence Services offers Cool Zones in San Diego to help older adults keep cool during hot summer days. But here are some other ways that you can beat the heat:

  • Don’t get too physically active in the middle of the day. If you can, try and keep the majority of your physical activity during the cooler times of day and pace yourself when you do.
  • Try and stay inside as much as possible. If you don’t have air condition, stay on the lowest floor you can find. Keep your shades down, your blinds closed and your windows open (a little bit)

  • Turn on a fan. They don’t cool the air but they do help to keep it moving, simulating a breeze. They also help to evaporate sweat, which helps to cool your body.
  • If it gets too hot and you’re stuck inside, jump in a cool shower or a bath
  • Avoid using the oven if possible. It has the tendency to heat the entire house.
  • Try to wear lightweight, loose fitting and light colored clothes.
  • Don’t jump right into a hot care, let them air out a bit first.
  • Never leave children or pets inside vehicles, even if you have the windows cracked. The temperatures inside a vehicle can be deadly regardless of weather conditions.
  • Drink more water than normal, even if you’re not thirsty.
  • Eat smaller meals more often. Try to avoid foods that are high in protein, they tend to increase metabolic heat.
  • Stay away from salt if possible unless directed by a physician.
  • If it’s safe, leave windows open at night. Open windows on both sides of the room for cross ventilation.