10 Safety Tips for Seniors Living Alone

10 Safety Tips for Seniors Living Alone

As more and more seniors choose to live alone its important to consider some simple safety times you can instate to make day to day life easier and safer for yourself and loved ones.

Avoid Slippery Floors

Make sure floors aren’t slippery. Install safety bars in bathtubs, showers ad near toilets. Also make sure to keep mats in bathrooms and entry ways that may get wet.

Remove Tripping Hazards

Try to minimize stray electrical cords, rugs that don’t lay flat and poor lighting to minimize tripping hazards in the home.

Use a Medical Alert System

There are several Medical Alert Systems available that provide one touch access to emergency personnel without needing a phone.

Connect with Neighbors

Get to know your neighbors enough that they are able to notice when something has gone awry. They should be on your emergency contact list.

Test Smoke Alarms Often

Make sure your smoke alarms have fresh batteries and are in good working order.

Daily Check In

Ask a friend of family member to call every day to check in with to confirm everything is okay on a daily basis. If you don’t have anyone you can count on for a daily check in, medical alert systems also offer systems to check in once a day.

Keep Items Accessible

Keep things you use often within easy to reach locations.

Keep a Lock box on the Front Door

Keep a lock box on your front door for family, friends, neighbors or emergency personnel to reach you if you are unable to get the door.

Keep an Emergency Information List

Keep a list of your pertinent emergency information such as allergies, medications, emergency information in your purse or wallet.

Keep you Medical Alert System on the Road

When you travel, be sure to bring your emergency alert system along with you. Just be sure to notify the provider that you will be travelling.

With these simple tips you can rest assured that you or your loved ones are minimizing risks and keeping an overall safe living space and environment fit for seniors living alone.