ElderHelp’s Social Workers Helping Seniors

ElderHelp’s Social Workers Helping Seniors

ElderHelp utilizes Member Care Coordinators who are a critical component in coordinating care as well as navigating barriers that seniors in need struggle with. These barriers include financial hardships, lack of resources, adjustment to aging, restrictions to mobility, poor health literacy, social isolation and depression as well as caregiver stress.

Our Member Care Coordinators are experienced social workers who advocate on behalf of the senior as well as work directly with seniors who have no family or friends nearby. They provide a coordinated care plan that includes a comprehensive needs assessment, evaluation and implementation of the care plan as well as ongoing advocacy and case management. The Member Care Coordinator will connect the member with appropriate service providers, provide physician advocacy, and coordinate all home care services.

Services provided by the Member Care Coordinator include the following:

  • Care Transition: Support the member, family, and hospital staff to ensure safe transition home after hospitalization including help with picking up medications, transportation to follow up medical appointments, installing safety equipment and more.
  • Medical Advocacy and Health Literacy: Organize medical information to help facilitate conversations with the health care provider as well as accompany the member during follow up medical appointments.
  • Advocacy: Assist with understanding medical benefits and help connect with community resources to ensure the member receives the help that is needed. Communicate with the adult children to understand the best care for the member.
  • Care Planning: Assess the needs and goals of the member to create a care plan to include resources, referral and support that assists in reaching these goals and accomplishing unmet needs.
  • Family/Caregiver Support: Provide support for family members who are caring for an aging loved one.
  • Informal Respite: Up to two weeks of respite help if the primary care giver is not available such as check-in calls and visits (if necessary) to the senior in need.

Thank you to our awesome Member Care Coordinators!


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