The Year of the Volunteer: Meet Mike

The Year of the Volunteer: Meet Mike

This year we are honoring our volunteers with “The Year of the Volunteer”. Non-profits such as ElderHelp rely on our volunteers to serve our members who are in need of our services. We are so appreciative of your hard work and dedication. Thank you to every volunteer who is part of the ElderHelp family.

Meet Mike, just one of our dedicated volunteers

1.       How did you hear about ElderHelp?

Before I retired from SDG&E, they provided me with a list of volunteer agencies in San Diego. I think Elderhelp was on that list.

2.       Why did you choose ElderHelp to volunteer?

I reviewed the list from SDG&E and looked into a number of agencies on the internet that were interesting.  I reviewed the ElderHelp website and liked what I saw.  In particular, I liked the individual service provided to seniors and the flexibility in types of service and hours that volunteers could provide. Everything looked well organized too.  The volunteer orientation confirmed my opinion that ElderHelp would be a good place to volunteer.

 3.       Tell us about your background

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In 1980, my wife and I moved here from Chicago after going to college and working in Chicago as well as Philadelphia.  For the next 32 years, I worked for SDG&E in different aspects of the wholesale procurement of electricity and natural gas to serve the customers of SDG&E.  I retired in January 2012 and joined ElderHelp soon after.  My wife and I have two daughters and about a year ago became grandparents.

4.       What is your favorite part about being a volunteer?

Meeting and getting to know the seniors is my favorite part.  They all have interesting stories to tell about their lives.

5.       Tell us about your fondest memory while spending time with your seniors.

My fondest memories occur almost every time I help a member and they express their appreciation for the help.

6.       What do you do as an ElderHelp volunteer?

My volunteer service has been to give more than 50 rides; to provide home and garden service to two seniors; and to take two seniors grocery shopping. Some extras were playing Scrabble and other board games and going to a softball game.  The Home and Garden service lends itself to getting to know the individuals better.   At times that has led to me getting them information or providing a second opinion to help them make a decision.

7.       What has surprised you most about your experience working with ElderHelp?

The biggest and most pleasant surprise is how appreciative the seniors are for the help.  This made me realize how limited most of them are in what they can do for themselves and reenforces my desire to help the seniors.

8.       What do you wish other people knew about ElderHelp?

Volunteering even to a limited extent will improve the quality of life for these seniors that really need help.

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