Partner In Caring

Partner In Caring

Imagine being 95 years old

Peggy became a member of ElderHelp’s Concierge Club 8 years ago when she was first faced with the struggles of aging at home and alone. ElderHelp performed a thorough home safety inspection and determined that Peggy needed some measures in place to help her live safely in her own home. These improvements included a smoke alarm, CO2 detector, grab bars and a lift chair. In addition, ElderHelp was able to generate the funding needed to hire Grondin Construction to install a custom ramp to improve the accessibility of her home.

Imagine falling down and living every day in pain

Due to special circumstances, Peggy was not able to collect social security and was not eligible for Medicare. With mounting bills and rising debt, Peggy could not afford the home health support she needed. Just when she thought things could not get much worse, Peggy fell and was faced with impending hip surgery. Post surgery, Peggy could not afford the around the clock support that she needed and her health began to decline. At 95 years old, Peggy was alone and without the resources needed to cope with the circumstances she now faced.

Imagine being in debt without the money to pay your bills

Our dedicated Member Care Coordinator, Monica, remained committed to getting Peggy the help that she needed. She evaluated Peggy’s financial situation and determined the support Peggy would need to remain living independent in her own home. Through a program we offered in partnership with  Sharp, Peggy was able to fund some of her cost of living through a charitable grant annuity. Monica also connected Peggy with the firm The Organizer that provided fiduciary services including a bill pay service, power of attorney and medical advocacy.

Imagine being alone with no family nearby

Without family to help care for Peggy, Monica contacted Veteran’s Friend for guidance in completing the extensive application needed to enroll Peggy in the “aid and attendance” program through the VA. While Peggy had tried to complete the application many times on her own, it was too difficult and complicated for her to complete. After several weeks, Monica successfully completed the application process and Peggy was given the opportunity to hire home care and enroll in hospice so she could remain in the familiar surroundings of her own home. By connecting Peggy with ElderHelp’s partners, Monica helped Peggy find the resources she needed to pay the bills, develop a budget, reduce debt and give her peace of mind knowing that she will be well taken care of during this stage in her life.

Now IMAGINE if this was you or someone you loved

By joining ElderHelp as a Partner in Caring, you can help a senior stay safe and comfortable at home rather than face institutionalization. The services we provide through ElderHelp’s Concierge Club gives San Diego seniors the support they need to remain living independently in their own home. We rely on the support of individuals like you to reach seniors who are isolated and living in fear of getting older. Please consider making a donation today as a Partner in Caring and help us make a difference in the lives of seniors living in San Diego.


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