Bringing Veterans Together at ElderHelp

Bringing Veterans Together at ElderHelp

Veterans Lee & Charlie Share Stories

ElderHelp arranged a meeting between two of our veterans. A great opportunity to share stories and camaraderie with a fellow serviceman.

Charlie 91, has been a member with ElderHelp since 2011. He came to us in need of services to help him remain living in his own him. Charlie is a retired vet who lives alone with his 4 small dogs; Lisa, Wubbles, butch, and Toto. Charlie had recently lost his vision and was having a difficult time adjusting. What was once a familiar task to Charlie, now required assistance. He was very lonely and isolated and at increased risk of being a victim of elderly abuse. He asked that we help him get out of the house more and help getting groceries.

During the initial assessment, He had ranked his overall mental/emotional health as poor and feels, “very dissatisfied with life.” He had also said, “What kind of life could I have not being able to see?” When Charlie enrolled into the program, he was matched with a grocery shopper, friendly visitor, financial advocate, and enrolled into Seniors a go go program. He worked closely with the Member Care Coordinator and was connected to ElderLaw and a hearing aid company to address unmet needs.

Charlie has been matched with volunteers for over a year and looks forward to visits. Since being enrolled in the Concierge Club, Charlie has stated, “I feel happier than I used to.” He went on to say during a follow up assessment, “My quality of life is better since being involved with ElderHelp,” and he feels more satisfied with life. Since being enrolled, he is much more social and no longer at risk of becoming isolated.

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